About Us

Pilgrims Rest was founded in 1854, so we suppose it could be considered an “old church”. Although we do have a great legacy, we are approaching the timeless truths of the Bible in ways that meet our community and culture in relevant ways.

Our passion is to Simply Love God and Love our Community.

We believe we can do that best when we understand and live out these four truths:

  1. Who is He? Very simply, He is God.
    God as Father, God as Son (Jesus), and God as Holy Spirit. At the core of our faith is who God says He is. His method of telling 21st century Christians about Himself is primarily through His inerrant Word – The Bible. He is the pre-existent, yet personal, God Almighty. He is the God of all creation. He is the God of grace and mercy – willing to extend the next chance to us as His people. He is the God of redemption – redeeming us from the curse of Sin through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is the God of Conviction, Comfort, Discernment, and Counsel – all coming through His Holy Spirit. He is a God of Judgment against sin and a God of Blessing towards obedience. He loves us enough not only to grant forgiveness for our wrongs but to give eternal life with Him beginning at the point of salvation, continuing through His glorious return and extending into our eternal future.
  1. Who am I? Very simply, a Follower of God.
    Knowing who God is helps us define who we are. As a believer comes to Jesus Christ, we are transformed into His image. We are his unique creation. We discussed His nature as a God of Grace and Mercy, but it is just as important to realize that we are the recipient of that great Grace and Mercy! He has made each believer into a New Creation and helps us to grow by the Holy Spirit within us. We are to be his servants in this world. But not just a servant – He has put us into position as His Children! Our job is to serve as an Ambassador of His goodness everywhere we go and in everything we do!
  1. Who are we? Very simply, the Church.
    The Church is a mosaic of believers gathered for God’s Glory with a commitment to follow His Word. He teaches us that as a church we are to act as His Body in this world; Light in darkness, God’s Plan A with no Plan B, a place of encouragement, fellowship, growth and change and a place to safely examine and accept the claims in the Bible.
  1. Act like it! Very simply, a Disciple of Jesus.
    A Disciple only has one proof that the world may see. They must act upon what they know and believe. A Disciple is someone who faithfully follows certain disciplines to grow. With faith in Who He Is (God), hope in Who You Are (Disciple), and support in Who We Are (Church), we MUST Act. It is not a suggestion or a possibility – but a natural and necessary outflow of what God does when He saves us! This is the ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do’ our life of faith together at Pilgrims Rest. First, we WORSHIP, then we GROW, then we SERVE out of love for God and for others.

Of course, there is much more to say about our church but we think it is best for you to come and experience it for yourself. If we can be of help to you in any way (questions, prayer, etc.), please feel free send us a personal message at our “Contact Us” page.

One more new and exciting thing about us is that our church has recently begun meeting in our new Auditorium located at the back of the property.  You can’t miss it’s giant red roof.  Plenty of room to come and check things out!   Will you join us?